In the cloudy confusion of a Jezebel attack, this book is designed to give immediate discernment and direction. 

Like CPR, a life-saving measure for the heart, the author, Jeff Reynolds, will help you stand and prevail against the Jezebel spirit, recovering spiritual strength and power in spiritual warfare. 

Are you searching for your “stand” in the battle, for discernment and overcoming power against a cunning spiritual attack? Or do you find yourself helping others recover their identity and spiritual strength in intense spiritual warfare? A Word and Spirit Scripture anchored approach, this book will guide you, helping you discern and see the five key ways the Jezebel seeks to lead you to a heart grown cold, a faded love, and a silenced faith. 

Jeffrey J. Reynolds is the founder of Global Kingdom Harvest Ministries, a ministry penetrating new frontiers with the Kingdom Gospel in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit. Jeff moves in apostolic grace, prophetically calling forth new vibrancy, unity, and activation in the Bride of Christ. He is continuously pressing into the realms of the supernatural, signs and wonders and first love for the Lord Jesus.


911 Jezebel Attack: Five Things To NOT Do