What the Days Ahead Might Hold? Remarkable Awakening? What is your Mindset?

Once upon a time..... Or The Lord spoke to me and this is what I hear.

Now more than ever the insight of wisdom and revelation from the Holy Spirit is required.

We hear each day about the predictions of science, her amazing ability while we wallow in the vast unknowns of the Cornonra Virus. This all seems tangible enough. Why?

The voice of the Ekklesia, of her leaders, appears silent.

This is not the case. The Kingdom of God is moving and in motion all around the world. The church, the people of God, the Ekklesia, are alive and awake in the motions of the Spirit. The five gifts of grace (apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist, pastor) are abiding in the Lord and infused with grace for the hour.

So, what are we hearing? What is quickened in the Body of Christ?

Currently, we are awash in the debate of opening the country. Awash in fear predictions and the vast economic devastation of "no work" and shut down. All the while the Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ, is working and moving and planning and speaking. The corona points our view to the step ahead - now we need to look out a little further and build the response for the next phase.

The President's team put forward a simple outline of "opening the country". In it, there are steps of connection, gathering, and meeting that the Ekklesia can prepare for and build upon.

A few questions:

1. What foundation are you looking out from as you plan for the next 30 days? Is the church the same, just waiting for normal to re-appear? In this vast stripping away what have you found that connects with the power of God in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

There are no dead ends in God. Isaiah 43:1-3 MSG. What is ahead for the way of life?

2. What insights stir in you from the Spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17)? Are you in protection mode/survival mode or triumphing in the provision of the Lord and the Nothing is Impossible with God-reality of our faith? What steps reach out to your mind and heart as you look to the days ahead? What new ways present themselves to your way of living in Jesus?

Presuppositions are hard to uncover. What has the stripping down shown you about the patterns and ways of ministry and church life? How will the power of God be infused into the days ahead? How will the Ekklesia take hold of the Kingdom Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit in forwarding motions?

3. What plans are you making in light of the wisdom and revelation of the Holy Spirit?

Believers are invited by the Lord into a vibrant and effective prayer life, packed with promises and into a future with a hope secured in Christ Jesus and filled with revelation and insights for the days ahead. How is the prophetic grace affecting your thought process and how is your present mindset limiting your creative vision for the days ahead.

What is coming and what was taking place before this "shut down"?

I believe Awakening is active and imminent. I found great encouragement with believers in UAE and Portland prior to the Shutdown. The momentum of Awakening continues. How will the days ahead open the way to an invasion of Awakening and Hope when things open up?

Possibly there is some insight into the plans proposed for opening the country?

Gatherings of 10 or less - The next level of gathering appears to be 10 people or less. Ok. So, 10 - the law - the witness - the testimony of the people of God. The church in neighborhood groups of 10 is a manifold wisdom force - flexible - responsive - love based - neighborly. An Awakening can ride rapidly on simply platforms - House 2 House!

The fundamental building block of modern and ancient Ekklesia - House 2 House - neighborhood meetings of believers. Awakening - Reviving - Equipping the Saints in the hands-on community in the Spirit - co-laboring in the grace of the Kingdom Gospel - discipling each one in the ways of Jesus. They went from house to house... Who? The fivefold ministry leadership.

New mindset possibilities? Pastors, staff, leaders, elders. Go from house to house? The impact is immediate. The connection is deep. The ministry of the Spirit available and applicable and when fivefold grace is imparted in House to House - a significant encouragement takes place.

Some are waiting for the normal to appear again. Is this possibly resistance to the "new normal" that God is hoping to empower and instill into our ways?

Resistance to change is common. Innovation mixed with faith and insight and wisdom from the Holy Spirit --- can and does spark remarkable new avenues for the Holy Spirit to break forth, bring impact and make us alive again. The church, I do love her, is slow to change. We can maintain things that are long dead and gone and then drag them along with us. This "unprecedented" time is not unprecedented for the LORD or his people. We are part of an enduring Kingdom of life, hope, love, and power. We abide in the presence of the Lord Jesus in all things. We carry a Kingdom of God rich in signs and wonders and immediate help in times of trouble. Yes, these types of pressures are hard to bear day to day, yet Christ our King is Alpha and Omega. He placing his enemies at his feet. The church/ekklesia of Jesus - the people of God - are a mighty force. The abundance of the Spirit is a remarkable aid in times of need.

I hope this moved your thoughts. Stirred you a little one way or the other. I hope as leaders, workers, servants of the Kingdom of God, we will ARISE in these times and listen. Our God is speaking. Pouring out wisdom and revelation for the sake of his Ekklesia - the called-out ones.

Thank you for reading. Much love in Jesus Christ. You and I are the change agents and those who will carry an Awakening into the nations. Psalm 37:3 Faithful and focused! Matthew 6:33 Let the touch of the Kingdom be the first touch of your life.

Comments. Responses. Ideas. Disagree? I'd love to hear from you. jeffR@gkhministries.com

Much love in the Lord,

Your brother in Jesus,

Jeff Reynolds. Apostolic leader - GKH Ministries


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