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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

June 11, 2015 | Jeff Reynolds

A quick story to remind you that the God we serve is amazing.   

A number of weeks ago a very treasured believer (T) in our fellowship came up to me after the meeting and told me about a friend of hers.  The friend had called her earlier that morning.   When she called she was crying.   Her back had acted up and was causing incredible pain.  She could hardly stand it.   In tears she asked T (our treasured believer) to get her some prayer while at church.    

T (treasured believer) came up to me after the celebration and started telling me about her friend, the call and the tears and the pain she was in.   I said, "Let pray for her right now".    I offered my hands and we joined together in prayer.   

Now a little background.  

Over the course of the last 2 years, I have had some prophetic words and dreams regarding healing.  I have also seen more people healed than in any time in my walk.   The fellowship we planted, Capstone Christian Fellowship (www.mycapstone.org) has some amazing Saints who have multiplied the numbers of healings manyfold.    Exploring more deeply what the Spirit is doing in healing has been amazing.   One of the prophetic words I received,  pointed to people being healed without being touched or having hands laid on them.   This has occurred on a few occasions.  

In a dream I was looking over a crowd and a screen appeared with sicknesses on it.  I started calling out those things and people were healed.   Also I saw things on people, names of sicknesses etc...  I entered into ministry with joy and laughter as people were set free.   In the past two years the number of people healed has been awesome.   

So, I have been working on this "no touch" healing for a while now.   I have also seen something amazing.   People are getting healed who are not at the location we are praying in.   Meaning, we pray for them or minister to a particular sickness and they are healed off site.   Jesus said we would do what he has done and more.   I have felt the faith to pray for people not present and have seen some healings this way.   The one I am giving testimony to in this story is one of the most recent.

As T (treasured believer) and I got ready to pray for her friend, I said something to the effect of,  "It doesn't matter if we are there.  The Holy Spirit is there.   He can do all the same stuff while we pray here."   When I looked into T's eyes I saw a wonderful child like faith.   We were ready to see God do something awesome.   We prayed together.  I envisioned being there seeing her back and praying as the Sprint led.    We asked Jesus to minister to her and heal her.   The prayer ended.  It was good but nothing amazing.   Then we went on to other stuff.   I didn't hear anything about what may have occurred.  

The testimony came at a later time

The next week I was helping out with all the set up of things for our Celebration.   T (treasured believer) came into the area I was working in and I talked with her about something else.   As she was leaving I remembered her friend.  

"What happened the friend we prayed for?   Did you hear anything?"  

T got very animated and said something like, "Oh yea.   I completely forgot that.  She called me later that day around 3 p.m. and said she was healed.  Her pain was gone and her back was fine."      

I was stoked!   What an awesome miracle.   I don't know what I said after that.  I was just blown away by the God of wonders.   What an amazing testimony to the love of the Lord and the omnipresence of the Spirit of God.    I was extreemly encouraged.   Of course I shared this with the Church.   T's agreement, faith and child like willingness to believe the Spirit in compassion for her friend was a wonderful part of all this.  

The Holy Spirit is moving in amazing ways in America!   My friends in the work of the Kingdom are alive with prophetic words, healing stories, dreams and miracles.  Angels are present (some great stories on that at a later time).   The Spirit is working to bring things we have longed to see.  

Isaiah 55: 6  says, "Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon your God while he is near."   

The time upon us is one of abundance and miracles.   In truth is has always been upon us.  It is the Kingdom coming in power and advancing with freedom and glory.   It is getting more deeply woven into our mindset and faith walk.   We are learning to hear the Spirit in many ways.  Run to the Lord as grace is poured out.   Don't let anything slow you down.   Put your hands on the sick and see them get well.   Come back to the things you did at first.   You are going to see so much more than you can ask or imagine.  



With Love in Jesus,

Jeff Reynolds Capstone Christian Fellowship www.mycapstone.org jreynolds@mycapstone.org

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