The Jezebel Spirit - Unraveling the Story and Our Present Reality

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July 16, 2015 | Jeff Reynolds

Around the Jezebel discussion and the Jezebel spirit there is trouble. 

This should not surprise anyone.

2 Kings 9:2-37

The Jezebel deception is deep. 

Typically it is on a scale of government captivity as seen in the Old Testament.  (I Kings 19)

It requires a supporting cast and continued inroads. 

It is a pervasive deception.  It is a cunning deception of control and fear.

Today, I believe, it is part of the very fabric of American Christianity, churches and ministries. 

It is here, now, today.  Among us. 

It needs to be broken. 

No longer tolerated.  (Rev 2:18-29)

What kind of sign posts mark the way and support the statement that Jezebel is pervasive and widespread in American spiritual settings? 
1) If American Christian men were honest...

Kingdom Authority is Given to us

Most if not a majority of believing men struggle with, have been hindered by, are addicted to or stumble in pornography.  It is a billion dollar swampland churning under the culture of America.   Jezebel seduces in sexual and unclean intimacy. (Rev 2:20)  Her prophets and worship plunge humanity deep into sexual enmity.  Growing farther farther from real human contact, intimacy and righteousness.   

The intimacy we are called to walk in with Jesus (Rev 2:4-5) and abide in deeply (John 15) is all but destroyed by sexual sin, addictions to pornography and the entire culture of lust.  

The Jezebel spirit is at the root of this problem.  

 Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.  Revelation 2:20

What goes first is first love.  

The heart has a tough time wading through the guilt and shame of sexual sin.  It goes numb to divine passion.  Worship and prayer fall away and we can be swept up in a deluge of confusion, isolation and regret.  These captivities are not the foundation that can launch bold Spirit filled men and women into the fields of Kingdom harvest. 

We are made for love, for intimacy with God.  

We are made for first love with Jesus.  First love for God is the call of men.  It is the heritage of David.  The loss of authority in families, in churches, and in spiritual leadership is a key factor of the attack Jezebel brings.  Abdication of authority is the open door to Jezebel. Leadership in intimate worship, devotion and family is the foundation the family of God needs.  It is lost in the deceit of the Jezebel.  The abdication of headship leadership in the family opens the door for all kinds of spirits to fill the vacuum of authority.  The Jezebel attack hits at the heart of worship, authority and intimacy.  Many American believing men have been made Eunuchs by the Jezebel spirit. They no longer lead or walk in the authority given to them as leaders of their family and as leaders in the church. 

2) Despising prophecy.

 Are we throwing down Elijah's instead of Jezebels?

In scripture we are commanded, "Do not despise prophecy". (I Thess 5;20) When we despise prophesy we remove the habitation of the Holy Spirit.  We grieve him. We also remove the spirit of testimony and living word resident in the testimony of Jesus. (Rev 19:10)  Prophecy is essentially love expressed with unction in encouragement, strengthening and comforting the Saints.  It is the testimony of Jesus.  He is life, living and active. He is alive today.  Prophecy is a powerful dynamic release of the life of Jesus Christ.  Applied correctly it is filled with love and unction.  

It is the greatest gift of the Spirit and extremely powerful when love informs its paths and motivations. (I Cor 14:1).   

The Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy prophecy, the environment of prophecy and anyone carrying the anointing of prophecy.  Ultimately the Jezebel attack would eliminate the NAME of Jesus from the church and completely bring worship into realms far from heaven.  

The revelation of worship, found in the work of Jesus, is our inheritance.  The fiery eyes of Jesus seen in Revelation 1:12-20 come from the witness of worship forged in obedience to the Fathers will (Hebrews 10;5-10).   

Any degrading of the Name of Jesus and the worship standard set by his victorious work is an affront to his righteousness and the rule and reign of his Kingdom.  

The degrading and loss of righteousness in the world is not the primary concern of heaven.  The world is already condemned.  Jesus has already triumphed over the world and has provided a Kingdom that is overcoming the world daily.  The world is passing away even as we write, speak and preach.  The primary call and concern of the Saints lies in upholding the truth and revelation of Jesus Christ in Worship and Prayer.  We are called to agree with heaven.  We are called to a coming Kingdom (Isaiah 9:7). 

Paul clearly tells us.....

He is a steward of Grace and of the Mystery (Christ Jesus revealed in the world)


The way forward is "in Christ through the Gospel". 

Ephesians 3:1-11 

The energy of the Kingdom of God is not spent trying to hold back a deflated, defeated and crushed world.  It is changed from the inside out.  The Kingdom comes to the world in a people who carry the revelation of the mystery, Jesus Christ.  A people who move in the new Kingdom of Christ; his rule and reign shining in bright grace and power through the Holy Spirit.  

3) Abdication of spiritual calling and the corresponding authority.

Toleration is not a strategy

The witness of the Apostles of the Lord Jesus was to his unbounded power and worship in doing the Father's will.  Jesus overcame the world.  He crushed its power and took away it's weapons.  Sin was defeated.  Death was destroyed.  The Devil was stripped of his greatest weapons.  Now a people are arising in the way, truth and life of Jesus Christ.    They carry the rule and reign of Jesus in the lives they live.  His presence is here in a Kingdom with effective power.  By the work of Jesus we are delivered from the dominion of darkness and freed into a Kingdom of light and love.   

The rule and reign of Christ Jesus is effectively seen in the lives of those who walk in their calling and divine assignment in faith, hope and love. 

When believers and those in authority positions abdicate their divine calling through 



lack of will,

lack of confidence in God

and become ruled by "worldly weapons" and control,

the vacuum is filled by spiritual forces opposed to the revelation of the mystery and the stewardship of Grace in Jesus Christ. 

Paul paints the way of power and effective Kingdom authority....

Timothy, my son, I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well, 19 holding on to faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and so have suffered shipwreck with regard to the faith. 20 Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme.  I Tim 1:18f

The Word and Spirit combine in the Kingdom for effective power and love when promise and prophecy are applied in faith, hope and love.  The fight that makes a difference is one received from the Lord Jesus.  All others are hay, wood and stubble.  So much Christian activity, passed off as effective ministry, is nothing more than worldy wisdom applied to organization structures.  True power is missing.  The Jezebel thrives in this delusion.  The reason being, it is typically upheld by control and policing.  It is based in worldly weapons. 

Effective authority from the Kingdom of God is walked in by faith.  It is received and welcomed and then fought for in the heavenly battle with "spiritual forces of evil. (Eph 6:10-20)  It is effective as an occupation of spiritual power and grace applied to the world we know with love and hope.   It does not fear.  It is resolute and clear in calling and therefore does not lack confidence.  It is definitely not intimidated by the world.  It has no hold on the Kingdom and presents nothing of interest to a Kingdom leader.  

Nothing seems to every be at peace in environments under the influence or control of Jezebel.  Relationships don't find footing adequate to support, love and honor spiritual leadership or the prospering of divine vision. There is strife and division.  There is confusion and rebellion.  The spiritual gifts do not operate in their beautiful calling of love and encouragement. 

Certainly any environments that are seeking to:

"Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you can prophesy."  I Corinthians 14:1   Businesses, churches, leadership teams that set themselves to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, create environments of freedom, love and grace.   

Those that intend to welcome and steward prophetic ministry, will most assuredly encounter the Jezebel spirit. Healthy family patterns in both the church and family will easily put off the attack.  

Ministries that intend to develop, relate to and build ministry relationships with Prophets will most likely encounter Jezebel attacks. 

Ministries focused on welcoming the Presence and moving in the glory of the Name of Jesus in worship, will find that basis challenged as revelation of the mystery.  

Will find this type of attack at their doorstep.  

What to do next?  

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Jeff Reynolds   ---

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