Pressing ON - Sometimes One Step Forward Is Higher Calling Glory

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

September 26, 2017

Everyone living in this world will have trouble.  

I have good news.  Trouble doesn't have the final word.  

Jesus said, "But be of good cheer.  I have overcome the world".  

Trouble can hit so hard,

smash all our possessions,

crush our relationships and tear away nearly

everything we know and love in life.

I have good news.  Trouble doesn't have the final word. 

God is bigger than trouble.

Jesus did overcome the world

Jesus did overcome death.

Jesus is alive and there is a NEW and LIVING WAY.

Trouble stairs down courage and faith.

Trouble stands right up in our face tries to say no to every good thing God has blessed us with.

Trouble never has the last word when we believe in Jesus. 

We serve and love the God who parted the sea.

We serve and love the God who died for you and me.

We serve a King who pours out loving kindness.

We are adopted children, members of the family of God, living in the light of the HOPE of his glory.

Faith and courage stand in the light of all Jesus accomplished.

They agree with God.  He is making all things new.

Sometimes we just need to take one step into the new.

A pure step of faith and trust in the God who loves us. 

Sometimes we just need to take one step into what we believe but don't see.

Faith and courage stand in the light of steadfast love.

It shines up and lights the way for ONE STEP FORWARD. 

Sometimes, one simple forward step reflects so much glory, faith and courage

the Smile of God breaks out around us.  In the pleasures of faith,  grace and glory shine. 

They tell trouble, "Your time is gonna end". 

Here is a song to help you decide to take one step today. 

It will be an amazing step. 

Filled with grace, faith and the glory of God.

Go ahead.

You can do it.

Lean on out over the waters and start re-building in faith, grace and glory.

God is with you.

Never leaving.

Not forsaking you. 

This is the path of miracles.

This is where seas part and oceans obey his voice.

This the roadway where heaven touches the earth and the ROCK comes to your rescue.

PRESSING ON - To the higher calling of my LORD.  

You can do it.  YOU can keep Pressing ON! 

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Thanks for reading.  

The dialogue is awesome.  Thank you.

Testimonies?  Share em with me.  

I am hoping to do Google Hang Outs Soon on Friday's. Uganda was amazing. Thank you for your prayers and support! So appreciated.  Such an offering.  Makes all the difference.

With much love in Jesus

You can do this thing!  He's got you.  

Jeff Reynolds   ---

Brother Jeff

Let's be like him!

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