More than ever......

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

More than ever....we can see the pebble makes the foundation for the sky scraper.

Justice. One act at a time. Played out into the fabric of our community. Injustice done, planting wounds that take years to heal.

Hope sown like seeds on clear hopelessness jumps up into seeds for a future.

More than ever....

The boarders of conscience are becoming clear. Ignited by fire, passions erupting, flimsy bulk works no longer hold back the torrent.

More than ever.....

A loveless church is pushed into the pathways of light, hope and truth. Into a righteousness blazing in the grace and power of the perfect work of Jesus. Her foundation forgotten? Forms without power in a time of need?

The fractures are deep now. Mountains shaking with violence and voice. Revealing the raw reason-less depths deep down from the surface.

Actions are stark, contrasting the pale face stare of indecision. Pain welling up, spilling over, gushing forth. Relentless and indiscriminate.

Discernment. Wisdom. Discretion. They wander the streets looking for an open door, a table to talk at, a mind to bother, a heart to inform.

What does the Spirit of God say in such times? At once a 1000 messages. Through a million voices He carries a sound over the wind.

There was a murder. We are not all murderers.

Injustice. It stings deep like peroxide on an open wound. But "We didn't do it".

No one likes being pushed around. Cracks and crevasses -deep enough to swallow whole communities - appear each day. We don't want to fall down into them. And we aren't sure what to grab onto to stay the fall.

More than ever.....

The message, the one message that fills up the deep cracks and fissures of the world, needs a voice. A message has been entrusted. A message that lives inside. Powerful reality moving within. Redemption and life. Jesus Christ, the hope of Glory.

Love. For God so loved. Forgiveness. Shed blood pouring new life on each one and big enough for the whole world. We all get slaughtered on the stone of perfect justice. God's perfect justice will have its day. Yet, today is a DAY of grace. Of surrender. Of repentance. Of new HOPE. Of life in the saving Lord of grace and glory who laid down his life.

We must deal with "the real"in compassion and hope. In response find a way to vision, to a future. To the coming Kingdom and present Kingdom of the Son of God.

The days of indecision, voiceless self-righteousness, vain and narcissistic spiritual pursuits, are slipping down into the crevasse with ever-increasing speed.

God, who is rich in mercy, wisdom, love and justice, always provides a way ahead. A way to life. A way to redemption. A way paved with HOPE, TRUTH, LOVE.

"When you're in over your head, I'll be there with you. When you're in rough waters, you will not go down. When you're between a rock and a hard place, It won't be a dead end....." Isaiah 43:1-3 MSG

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