How the Enemy Loves to Push our Buttons -- and send us reeling. Spirit Clean House. Part I

December 3, 2014

Burning Fire Sky - His Holiness is like consuming fire

Settled in the 40 day wilderness fast that the Spirit led Jesus on right after his baptism, his identity, mission and relationship to the word, the Spirit and the Father were sealed in war with the Enemy. (Matt 4)   Nice to know Jesus overcame him!  And so, we will as well. (John 16:33)

But what about you and I???

Do we have buttons the Enemy can push at just the right time?

Forgiveness or lack of?

Sins that we keep nursing along?


Negative attitudes and thoughts about members of the Body? 

Accusations against the LORD? 

Inner brokenness that we don't surrender to ministry?

Chains we continue to allow to bind us?  

The Holy Spirit is the best disciple-r.  We fall way short of bringing righteousness and healing into our lives.  He will lead us with loving kindness to the righteousness and healing we need.   We need to follow and obey.   Be responsive.  Stay surrendered.  Stay in the water of the Scripture.  Abide continually.

There is nothing better than a clean house and a clean conscience.

Righteousness seems to come in waves.   The Spirit begins moving on everyone at the same time and the Enemy seeks opportunity (    ).  His goal is to stumble us.  Stop the focus.  End the forward progress.  Muddy up the waters and raise up things within us that cause us to focus into the arm of the flesh.   

Arise Arise- Ezek 37

The reality is if we follow the Spirit in these times we will achieve exceptional victory, inner transformation, deeper agreement with righteousness and experience the love of Jesus in power. 

The Lord has set up the enemy to loose.  We are set up to win.  The Devil is the stupid one in all these scenarios.  He is nothing.  Focus on Christ Jesus.

Example:  The Cross

Satan gleefully agreed to degrade, punish and unleash every furry on Jesus and then shame him before the worlds mindset in the cross.  He thought he was winning.  Stupid criminal. 

Our Father set all humanity free through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus in the cross.  Perfect sacrifice for all eternity vrs a few hours of the world's judgement.  He defeated the powers, healed mankind and made a way for ever abiding presence and eternal life for all who would believe on HIM.   

I think there is more promise in your situation than you might currently see.

Kingdom things explode when we are set into war with the enemy.  ... if we focus our mindset.  If we lean into the Righteousness of Jesus.  Embracing his healing power and love is key.   Actively going after the fruit of the work of Jesus while we abide in his joy is our inheritance.   The enemy cannot touch it. 

Remember - "it is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord."  (Zach 4:6)    

Remember -  "And He said to them, "I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. 19"Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you."  Luke 10:19

The Enemy would like us to leave things behind that are not resolved in the glory and grace of Jesus.  So that at a future time he can push that button and call up things to stumble the move of the Spirit.   

The highway of Holiness is paved with WAR!

No one really enjoys conflict or the discomfort of disagreement and arguments.  We want the dust to settle quickly.  Rarely do we follow through in all the work required to get clean, eliminate the enemies buttons for later or find a clear conscience.   

 We need to do the work.   Complete the task.

1) It is key in taking away the future buttons the enemy can push.  If we fully obey and fulfill the tasks of the Spirit he will have nothing in us.   Total Victory for the season. 

2) Righteousness is Kingdom power.  There is a freedom and joy that follows us when we submit to the Spirit and get our house clean.  

3) The healing that comes along with it expands the joy and love of God in our lives.   Eternity breaks in for good in an area of our lives our of our corporate lives together in Christ. 

4) We don't want him to have anything to push from the past as we head into the Powerful future of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus.  

Myths - Time erases these types of issues.   Wish it were true.  Life would be much easier.  IT is not.   No amount of time heals the destruction that comes by sin and the brokenness passed down through generations.  Unresolved issues wait and are bait for the enemy to come and claim at the future date.   I've seen issues arise after 20+ years in our family.  Shift the puzzle a little and watch what and who wants everything to stay the same.  

Flowers grow everywhere

Resolution in Jesus is healing and transformation.  We become different people through all the paths of life if we aim for resolution in our walk with Jesus.  This is eternity breaking in.  This is what we will carry into heaven.  Do the work.  It is worth it.  Face your worst fear.  Overcome you deepest hurt.  Expand your life on the inside with love and freedom.   The Spirit is able to set you free. 

ACTION:  Ask the Spirit to clean your house.  Ps 139 / Ps 51 / Ps 24  

Myths - Heaven will fall on me and all my inner issues will fade away and vanish in an instant.   This is half true.  So is it true at all?  Yes.  Encounter is a real element of the Kingdom.  Heaven does encounter us as we hunger and thirst.  God's mercy does come to us and set us free and overwhelm the enemy.  And we say yes and surrender.  We receive heaven and agree with Jesus.  Receiving heaven is critical to encountering the Lord Jesus.   And then.....  It seems today that the "and then" part is what we are not so clear about.   

And then....

1) We walk after the Spirit  (Eph 5:1-2)

2) We worship in Spirit and truth (John 4)

3) We follow Jesus (Matt 4:19)

4) We grow fruit in the Spirit  (Gal 5:19-25)

5) We Abide in Him and let his presence fill every moment of our lives. (John 15)

6) We learn the ways of God and his new thoughts  (Isa 55)

7) We grow in doing the will of the Father in the Relationship Jesus made a way for...ABBA DADDY!  (Mark 14:36)

ACTION - Ask the Lord to teach you his ways.  To show you his paths.  When you encounter the Lord put into action everything he speaks to you.   Write it down.  Remember it.  Pray through it.  Let the Spirit work through the season with you.  

Anyone who wants to get closer to heaven needs to surrender to righteousness and the Holiness of the Spirit.     That means healing.  That means done deal inner change.  That means true and lasting freedom. 

Jesus wants to give it to us.  HE made every provision for us to have it.   

Don't settle for anything less. 


I was a pretty hurting high school student at the time I met Jesus.   

Smoking pot, drinking till the world spun out of control, involved in sexual encounters, and flunking out of school.   The Holy Spirit spoke to me.  He called my name out in a Christmas service in Southern California.  I heard so much in his voice.  I went forward and gave my life to Jesus.   Then I got filled with the Spirit and spoke in a new language.  STOKED!  EMPOWERED.  AMAZED.    

The drugs did not have a place anymore.  I got delivered.  I haven't smoked post since.   1977 to today.  Sweet.

I started going out and sharing the gospel with the world, all my friends, at school with my family.   People entered the Kingdom.  So awesome.   

He has progressively healed me step for step since.   I love a clean house.   Heaven will be so mind blowing.  

Since then I have seen into heaven a couple times.  I'm sold out for Jesus to free the world.  

Do you need freedom?  Healing?   

I want to introduce you to the CHAIN BREAKER

I want to introduce you to the LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS

JUST Believe on Jesus and everything he did is yours.   

Need Help?  Want to meet the Lord?   Email me or set up a google + hangout. 

Comments?  Testimonies of your own of salvation and finding Jesus? 

Thanks for the dialogue and comments.

Keep Running after Him with all your heart!

Love in Jesus

Brother Jeff

Jeff Reynolds - apostolic leader 

Capstone Christian Fellowship

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