Characteristics of Jezebel II - How the Spirit Gains Access

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

August 27, 2014

The Jezebel Spirit is a cunning and subtle demonic presence.   The captivity involved in the life of those struggling with this spirit is devastating.  Equally devastating is the impact of Jezebel attacks when the spirit is intrenched.    The most important thing to know about the Jezebel spirit is that it has no authority or power except that which is given.  There is only one way for a Jezebel spirit to gain power.  It is through the abdication of authority by a legitimate authority in the Kingdom.   This is why characteristics like those following act as doorways for the jezebel to enter. 

Flattery vrs real encouragement 

1) Leaders struggling with low confidence or those who are weary and worn - the python spirit attacked Paul under these circumstances.  Act 162) Those who find their support in the opinions of people verses the Lord - David strengthened himself in the Lord- Galatians 1:1 "sent not from men nor by man" The origination and support of divine authority finds its support in God. Any other sources of dependance can lead to open doors to python and Jezebel.   3) Affirmation of spiritual authorities - Acts 16:16-19 by demonic spirits to gain access to the leaders authority.   Jesus did not allow demonic spirit's to say who he was even though they spoke truthfully.  He did not want the affirmation of demonic spirits as they attempted to gain access to his authority by identification.  This type of approach is subtle and cunning and often overlooked by leaders.  It is in fleshly weakness that this type of attach can manifest.   4) Declare allegiance to me and "I'll be yours forever" - More flatteryI've seen this over and over.  The Jezebel will declare their allegiance and their undying love for the leader early and without any real relationship or service in love.   Statements like "We will be here forever" and "This is it.  We have found our home."   Now that can be a really wonderful discovery for people.  And it can be flattery from a Jezebel.  Start ups, new church plants, new leaders are looking for affirmation and people who plan to stick.  Again, our door is open for good reason, but be alert.  Flattery is not a godly trait or a means of acquiring anything in the kingdom.

1Th 2:5

"You know we never used flattery, nor did we put on a mask to cover up greed—God is our witness."

Pro 29:5

"Those who flatter their neighbors are spreading nets for their feet."

Volunteering for most anything

In church plants, small churches or ministries struggling with developing service as unto the Lord, a Jezebel can step right up and "volunteer" for anything.   This is easy to do when no one will step up and do the work required to support the ministry.   Also easy in an environment that is not spiritual gift focused and spiritual ministry focused.  Sometimes this creates an open door for a Jezebel to access relationships quickly and without their own authority.  Typically the leaders authority is used for admin or volunteer project action.   It only takes a few projects to gain access to the leaders authority and relationships. Funny thing is in very spiritual environments the Jezebel can gain access through things like, dream interpretation and prophetic word interpretation.     

 Acting extrasensory - spiritually knowing

Only in prophetic environments or highly charged spiritual environments can a Jezebel gain access through this means.   I have found that prophetic churches or those ministries seeking to walk in the prophetic as part of their foundation will find the Jezebel spirit seeking to gain access on many fronts.   The reason is this kind of church, when it matures can decimate her footholds in hundreds of churches and ministries.  Discernment and true prophetic gifting are amazing.   The Jezebel borrows everything and there is truely nothing amazing if examined well.  One of the key ways to discern a jezebel influence is to learn to discern soul vrs spirit.  Soul lacks power and spiritual energy.  Remember he does not have any true Kingdom spirit power.   Look for those drawing people aside and away to give them "special revelation" "interpretations and words" and those who seek to build a dependance on themselves verses teaching the believer to depend on the Spirit and draw near to Jesus.   It is this dependance that will be called on later when things blow up.  

These are a few of the ways a Jezebel gains access to relationships, gains leader approval or loyalty, and subtly moves closer to the authority of the leader. 

The most difficult thing is we typically give place to Jezebel because we have weaknesses in ourselves of a similar kind.   We entertain fears.   We act in a codependent way toward those the Father calls us to lead.  We use worldly powers and weapons to influence the flock and stay in control as a leader.    Essentially, we use some of the same tactics as the jezebel spirit.   When we do this we actually open the doorway to the jezebel.  And if we are used to operating this way, when things do go sideways related to a Jezebel we find ourselves seeking to employ the weapons of the world against the attack.  

The easiest way to know if there are elements of the jezebel spirit in us is to identify fear.  Fear arises when we feel threatened.   We feel

threatened when something that we have power in or through is under attack.  We feel fear when something we hold is under threat of loss.   When we encounter a jezebel attack fear is the first notification.    Then the real work begins.  We need to explore the mindset that supports the fear.   Why are we afraid.  What are we afraid of?    Typically we are afraid of loosing something when the fear grips us.   

When an attack occurs that appears to be a jezebel spirit it is extreemely important that we face our fears head on, dismantle them with the Spirit's power and confront the source with love and a real sense of redemption.  

When we respond to the fear in a jezebel attack, do not confront and use the same weapons to control the outcome.......we loose.     The Kingdom weapons are forged in love, healing, freedom and joy.  The Kingdom does not crush with power or lord it over like the world.  Love is what defeats a Jezebel.   Love crushes the brokenness that has held them captive. 

The Holy Spirit is so good at bringing us to points of freedom and breakthrough.   Don't run when the fear arrises in an attack of Jezebel.   Triumph in grace, love and patient endurance.  Confront quickly and with love.  Never alone mind you.  And let the Spirit unseat in you the ways of the world, cleansing and purifying your ministry with righteousness and joy.   

With love and joy in the righteousness of Jesus!

Your friend in Christ,

Jeff Reynolds


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