Spiritual Life Coaching

You know the world needs you fully X-celerated.
I can help you strategize and activate so you can X-celerate.

I help people Unlock, Envision, Strategize and Active so you can X-celerate the big, beautiful_____?   you are called to bring the world.

You fill in the blank.  I will help you get strategy and activate what you want to bring to life in this amazing world.

Unlock and Envision

I can help you unlock the hindrances, obsticles and road blocks - see fresh avenues for action / re-envision or recover vision and breakthrough to new life.

Apparent DEAD ENDS / Locked Up moments / that require breakthrough appear often when you are going after something big, beautiful and meaningful.  The moments can bring big rewards in discovering new and creative direction and vision.  Sometimes we have to break open new vision.  Jeremiah 23:29


I can help you get things moving.
You are in the lead. I can help you activate everyone around you.
You are facing road blocks. I can help you activate new strategy.

Strategy requires activation.  Getting people, projects, creativity moving and in line with the big dream.  Activating the right dynamic elements opens the way for more Xceleration. Breaking new ground requires energy, focus and a clears sense for your personal WHY?


I can help you pull together entirely new and inventive ways to see and do. Xcelerating your unique contribution to the world.

Identifying road blocks is one thing.  We all face them especially if we are blazing a new trail.  Inventively creating new ideas and apporaches to move forward in the midst of the pressures of production can be mind numbing.  Strategy is more intuitive than learned.  You know this.  My top strength is strategy. 

Heaven breaks in all the time to impart new strategy and wisdom.

Strengths Coaching

I can help you identify your natural strenghts and explore getting them into the mix of everything you do.

I've been coaching and developing teams for over 20 years.

  • Sports Teams

  • Non-profit Teams

  • Start Up Teams

  • Ministry Teams

  • International Ministry Teams

The best coaching approach / team approach I've seen is to focus on your strengths. I can help you put them into motion and X-celerate them in your life.